Below are some examples of the feedback that we receive from clients. This is updated from time to time.



" ... Hi rob

Everything you tought us was a really brilliant experience but what stood out for me was the way dogs comunicate with the thought that comes in and the vision that is absolutely brilliant and amazing im really glad you came through and helped us with our problem i will recommend you to anybody and everybody i know. .." Reon - Jack Russel xBeagle.

".. Hi   
The thing I most took from the training was to make Rocky work for everything, not to just give him things – incl. affection… Kate said for her it was how little Rocky saw her as a pack leader.  She has already noticed a difference in how he listens to her since you have been here.....We will keep u updated.   Thanks for the info..." Michael.W - Boerboel

" ... Hi Rob, Many thanks for your report on Tasha and Toby as well as your impressions of myself and Colin as pack leaders – greatly appreciated !......  Once again, many thanks for your help and we wish you and yours a very happy 2011 and look forward to hearing from you further in due course. " Sue & Colin - Jack Russels

" ... Straight off we both felt that we had been empowered to change what was becoming a huge problem and stressful for us as we saw no light at the end of the tunnel...... and will have to remain fully committed ......" Jonathan - Chihuahua.

" ... After you leaving I know I have to do a lot of work on myself first but I will be taking it one day at a time and could already see a difference this morning with the feeding.  Thank you.  Mom will be phoning you for an appointment as she is very impressed and also want to learn more! ..." Angieh H - Bouviers

" ....Hi Rob, Thanks very much for your help and all this information. The things that stood out -  I thought I was calm around them but you showed me my tension -  The power of silence and how easy it can be to have the dogs react how you want -  That they both can be calm, especially around food - The techniques to ignore them at 1st already seems to calm them... - The importance of exercise ..." Saabir K. German Shepherd & Chow Chow

" ...Thank you for sharing with us this knowledge with such fine care and detail. Your Giving has been Abundant. I must admit that we feel somewhat overwhelmed , however we are quite commited to learning and taking responsibility for our new family member. Already we have applied some of our learning with pleasing results...." Drs. Anita & Jay K. - Golden Retriever 



"... we were amazed at how simple things could be regarding getting them to follow us and getting gus to sit and really pay attention ... It was really interesting to go through all the information and the reasons for their behaviour, even regarding how we come across to the dogs.  It made me think about my state of mind and I realised how frustrated I can get and just lose hope. I try to remain calm and collected now and I see a difference .....Thanks again for your valuable time we really appreciated it... " Sarah - French Bulldog

"... We found the training very helpful ..So there are dramatic differences already...' Nashika N. Pekignese (aggressive case)

"... Hi Rob, What really stood out for me is the positive reinforcement as opposed to the smacking of the dog.....  I must admit he is already showing a vast improvement on my side and is learning quickly. Kind Regards
  ..... "   Giles W. - Miniature Schnauser

"... we are both truly amazed at how effective these methods are when compared to  "traditional" training .... we are very excited about continuing with the program. Many thanks once again and kind regards. " Carrie-Anne W. - Rottweilers

" ...what stood out da most for me was the fact that the entire
experience could be so rewarding! It was instant gratification! ....
And by that I don't mean to be "superficial",but dats da best way I
can describe it. Also the whole process was educational and didn't only
apply to me and my dog but there were principles that I could import
into my personal and work life ,infact I was so inspired that I said to
my wife that I wana study the art of both dog and human behaviour a
bit more and maybe become a professional dog handler/trainer
myself, not for profit more for the pleasure! ,,," Dr. Ebrahim A. - German Shepherd

" ... Hi Rob, Thank you very much on your visit Saturday, Both Ilana and I found the training both useful and great for understanding what type of dog Shya is, also how we are around her ... Lindsay L.- Jack Russel

" ... I must say the clicker worked well .." .Tracey B Jack Russels

" ... the control you can have without screaming and working yourself up! , really stood out for me..." Angie H. Skotties & Bouviers

" ... Hi Rob, Thank you so much for your time, patience and knowledge that you brought into our home.  We saw and have subsequently experienced since then much happiness and calmness in our daily interaction with our dogs, wow, what a difference... We would also like to say a big thanks for the extra time you gave us, you truly take lots of pride in what you do, and trust me when I say, it wasn’t wasted on us.." Karen B - German Shepherd & Husky Cross..

" ... Hi Rob, Thank you so much for the consultation you did with our family. It has given us a positive outlook on the matter....We would appreciate any further help and suggestions!  " Trevor D.- Pitbull

" ... Hi Rob, The thing that suck our the most for me firstly would b the one-on-one interaction. As well as the education given prior to the class with Dante, finding out more abt our lives and getting to the root of the problem.... " Leanne - Labrador

" ... Rob, I cannot thank you enough for your time and effort! The personal touch to the session made us comfortable and we could enjoy the exercises!  ...." Answa H  Bouvier & Jack Russels.

" ...Dear Rob,  I must thank you again for your remarkable intervention. I was initially somewhat sceptical about your methodology, but it only took a few minutes of observing you with the dogs to see that it works and it is the most natural and obvious way of dealing with a dog’s behaviour. My daughters and I were blown away by what you were able to achieve, almost instantly. It was also a revelation to see that we have to watch ourselves as much as we have to observe the dogs, that it is our own behaviour that triggers that of our dogs. Overall, what I love about the Packleaders approach, is that it does not have to involve extra work, or more time spent on training, etc; instead it just requires a different way of thinking and doing what you would normally be doing with your dogs anyway... " Colleen L.- Jack Russels (Aggression).

" ... I think the most important aspects is a change in mindset for me. The understanding of how dogs think, communicate and mostly respond to our behaviour. It is a brand new perspective which will have to lead to behavioural changes more on our side than the dog's.......Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. We will definitely be in contact with you soon.... " Casey - Staffie & Alaskan Malamute  




" ... Most phenomenal of all is that the two females have stopped fighting and they are comfortable with each other again. This was our prime reason for calling you in, and you succeeded 100%. We were able to reinforce this by doing the submission exercise every time they fought or showed dominance and we have eliminated all the trigger areas, one by one. The result is resounding success.....We now walk for an hour every day, all three dogs on leash, easily controlled by one person (usually me). We walk briskly and divide the time between walking on leash in the street and running free in the park. They are well behaved, they stay near me, they are not aggressive to other dogs and they come when called.  We have only praise and admiration for your service...." Colleen - Aggressive case (pack)

"....Hi Rob,

I wanted to thank you for spending so much time with us yesterday and giving us such a thorough understanding of our pets and ourselves. I already see a HUGE difference in the dogs, they both slept on the floor lasnite, and are only jumping on the bed when we allow them to. I'm already able to control pebo's barking at the gate and in the yard. And I took them both for a walk this morning following your instructions and pebo didn't bark once and mojito wasn't chewing the leashes!
I'm so excited for our new life with the dogs, and enjoying being the packleader :)..." V.Govender - Yorkshire Terrier & Pekingese

" ... Duke is doing fine and he is learning fast. In fact, I think he has mastered everything we have taught it. We are starting with the walking exercises but with all this rain we do not have as many opportunities as we would have liked...." Andre S.- Labrador

" ... HI Rob, Many thanks for the info, you will be glad to know that we already had some more successes since our consultation on Sat. It took a little extra time these past two mornings but I have got them calm and submissive before opening the back gate and that seems to have solved the nipping problem as well.
In addition to that we taught them to stay in their beds when we are pulling the cars out of the driveway, this only took a couple of minutes and we have already managed to do this on 3 occasions and with greater ease each time ... " Carrie-Anne W. - Rottweilers

" ... Hi  Rob, Everything going very well !  Both dogs are responding well to their new “pack leaders” and are an absolute joy. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to walk them as often as we would like.  We had planned to walk them today but as it is raining this will not happen. Once again, thanks for your help ! " Sue and Colin - Jack Russels

" ... Thanks so much for everything. The little ones are much more behaved....." Lima P.- Mix

" ... Already he does not come in to the kitchen at all, which is amazing because as long as I was in the kitchen, he would be there too....My husband took him for a walk yesterday and his excitement about the leash has changed dramatically. I even managed to put his collar and leash on the other day which I haven’t been able to do since he’s been a puppy.(aggression)  He also doesn’t bark as much outside....Thanks so much for all your help..." Nashika N. Pekingese

".... thanks so much Rob for your feedback.....Dogs are much better following your visit…and we are continuing what you started.  I shall be in touch soon ...." Ed H. - Boerboel & Labrador

" ... I am excited in training her and seeing how she was so responsive to the activities, I was very impressed with her..." Lindsay L.- Jack Russel

" ...I could keep them out of my space, they did not come over the line and when they did I managed to take them out and the fact that they did not jump all over me they gave me the chance to put down their bowls and that they waited for me to tell them to eat!!!! ... " Angie H. - Skottish Terriers & Bouviers

" ... Hi Rob....... Our daughter improved in her ability to handle the dog and I was amazed that the dog responded really well to her.  She would obey Jazlyn's command instantly......  Kind Regards " Tracey - Rhodesian Ridgeback

" ... I know that by u coming over it has helped us understand Dante better as well as our methods going forward... I will contact you in the new year..." Leanne - Labrador

" ... Hi rob all is going well have controllers storm when eating and have put bonders ect in place still have a bit of problem when walking but it is improving all the time .... " Tracey S.- Mix

" ... I have been doing the follow me, sit, stay, treat, routine with Flight in the back garden each day. It seems that he is doing well but he is trying to decide how long we will 'play' this new game ...." Lydia W.- Mix

" ... Thank you Rob For Your help...... I have seen a drastic difference in her.She is much more obedient. She listens when you tell her ..." Dwayne - Pitbull

".... while in the bedroom (Massimo being in bed already), Kirby went for both of us while I tried to plug in a ant-mossie thing in the socket. As quick as he went to “ attack” , we both reacted in the way you had shown us without a thought and Kirby stopped immediately!!......He was rather quiet that day although it appeared that he was trying to “test” us all the time by jumping on the couch ect. We just kept enforcing the “Rules and Boundaries” and he seems to respond to that rather well.....If you ignore him enough, he actually goes to his bed  (which he would never do before) and rests or plays.  Kirby has been doing very well with not pulling on the lead and generally walks next to us now. Occasionally, we have to give him a little tug, to correct him. ......" Jonathan (dominant aggressive case) -

" ... The practical examples you gave us helped us remember everything.
Our Jack Russels immediately respond to Sjjjuut during eating time and Tess doesn’t dare touch her food!  We took them all for a brisk walk yesterday, and except for Tess’ fear of cars, it went extremely good...........The eating ritual works EXCELLENT!.....Elimination definitely going better as well...." Answa H Bouvier & Jack Russels.

" ... Hi Rob, I would really like to thank you for the consultation on Saturday. I can definitely say that both Zain and I were very impressed and happy with the outcome. 
What stood out for me was how quickly Simba took to the follow and sit exercise, it happened so fast and it really impressed me. ..Once again thanks for all you time... " Uveshree G. - Pekingese

" ... Hi Rob, I really want to thank you for being there when we needed someone to help, I have learned a lot from you being there and assisting with Chloe. I have always thought that Mark was the problem and that Chloe had such fear over him but I have learned that it is just because i have not taken on leadership and putting boundaries...we went walking on Sunday and Mark took over the leash and I was amazed how Chloe listened to Mark and how good behaved she was, by just taking control over her...Thanks for making a difference... " Natassia d. -  Mix

" ... Hi Rob, We found the training very helpful and ...things are working very well.... I need to change my mindset around Gizmo’s training and I do try keeping in mind that it is best for him, tough as it is for us.  Already he does not come in to the kitchen at all, which is amazing because as long as I was in the kitchen, he would be there too. We’ve also stopped all the treats we were giving him. This, and keeping his food out for only 10 minutes is toughest on us, especially the last few days.....My husband took him for a walk yesterday and his excitement about the leash has changed dramatically. I even managed to put his collar and leash on the other day which I haven’t been able to do since he’s been a puppy. He also doesn’t bark as much outside.  So there are dramatic differences already.....Thanks so much for all your help...." Naishika N. - Pekingese

" ... Bolt has come a long way already,always follows me now,remebering to
be behind me.........with me and her da dog is much more behaved,...' Dr. Ebrahim A. - German Shepherd

" ... You will be pleased to know that we have seen some fantastic improvement already........The feeding process now goes like clockwork, whereas before it was completely uncontrolled. ..." Colleen L. - Jack Russels ( Aggression case)

" ... I would then just like to Thank You. She has been an Angel since you worked with her -  when we enter into a room when we get home from work the minimum barking takes place and she now has to work to get into our room and then work to get onto our bed - all the examples that you have given us has already made a big change in our lives and I know that things would only get better. Everybody now does not have a issue with her.  mornes mom keeps the door open and Dakota does not even bother to get into the house. When we give her her food she eats immediately.....Again THANK YOU for making such A BIG DIFFERENCE IN OUR LIVES - YOU HAVE GIVEN US A NEW LOOK AT DEKOTA BUT AS WELL AS EACH OTHER.
.." Cindy - Basset Hound (Excited dominant case)



" ... Dear Rob, Just thought I should let you know that I did get someone to take all 3 dogs. Thanks for the response. The best of 2011 to you too!! Kind regards ... " Mary W.

" ... Rob, Thank you so much for your help  I'm very great full for that. Have a nice day...." Sharon

" ... Thank you again for putting in such long hours with us – it was an intense and exhausting time for all of us (including the dogs) and we hugely appreciate the effort your put in and your highly professional service...." Colleen

" ... I have also referred Tammy, an acquaintance of John's whom was very interested in dog whispering and our experience from the weekend...." Casey

" ... Hello Rob.... We are very satisfied clients and we enjoy our dogs even more now that we have better insight into their behaviour. It has been very helpful to have all the material to read and refer to. Thank you for providing outstanding value." Colleen



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