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DOES YOUR DOG OBEY YOU IMMEDIATELY ?                                   

This topic is intended for every dog owner as well as all dog enthusiasts in search of true dog obedience. It is great to have an obedient dog BUT to get there, humans need to truly understand, from a dog whisperer perspective, how a dog communicates and what messages the dog is sending and receiving  daily, modelling a behaviour which IT thinks necessary, whether it is what you expect or not. When a pack leader communicates, a dog or pack of dogs will respond immediately. If this is not happening in your environment, instinctual leadership may be lacking. Pack leadership is a primal requirement in a pack species and it is never taken for granted by pack members. Survival in a pack, is an instinctual behaviour that we need to understand.  This communication style is what the pup understood from its mother but the day it finds itself in a human pack, things usually change and without the humans' understanding of instinctual communication, misunderstood communication is unavoidable which usually results in a frustrated pet with behaviours that are often very surprising to their owners, in spite of tons of love and affection being shared.

       Do you really understand your dog's communication & behaviour - Does your dog really understand yours ??                      

          Learn how to communicate instinctually, develop the ideal dog & avoid unwanted behaviour

Learn how to interpret your dog's body language - Understand their behaviour & the cause - Communicate as the leader - Develop trust & respect - Get rid of unwanted behaviours

Obedience training is more effective if you have established the leader role. An effective and understood leader knows how to communicate instinctually. The secret to good canine behaviour development (dog and puppy training) that has been missing from conventional training for ages.

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