Pack Leaders, offers registered dog breeders an opportunity to list their kennels for FREE in our national dog breeders registry. This would enable them to :

  • Advertise stud services
  • Announce upcoming litters
  • Advertise available litters
  • Offer the Pack Leaders 24 Hour Emergency telephonic support service to all puppy owners
  • Receive puppy buyer introductions.

This service is FREE and its purpose is to protect both discerning potential puppy buyers and legitimate breeders from the scams on the internet resulting from back-yard breeding and misleading puppy broker services. Note: Many broker services are reputable, but be cautious. This service aims to link registered breeders directly with legitimate discerning puppy buyers without any facilitation and introductory fees.

There is no cost to breeders nor buyers for this introductory service, however Pack Leaders will only list those breeders who are registered with a recognised Dog Association, National or International dog club, which has local and international representation and who offer registered pedigree dogs and puppies.

The way we handle inquiries for pups is simple. We profile the buyer (breed, contact details, experience with dogs, area etc..) We then provide them with the breeders' details and in turn provide the breeder with their details.

We establish waiting lists for our clients who, should the correct pup not be available at the time when looking for specific breeds during the pet planning phase, will have their names added to the waiting lists. This is often accompanied by a lifestyle assessment & a pack leadership profile to ensure that the buyers can satisfy the instinctual breed requirements. Many times buyers are not aware of the lifestyle/s suited to a specific breed which, as breeders would know, could have a huge effect on the developmental phase and ongoing communication with the pup-dog.



  • Puppy temperament testing & certification
  • Buyer assessment & selection guidelines
  • Kennel design concept - Consultations
  • Kennel hygiene - Consultations
  • Kennel hygiene - Certification
  • Fees available upon request

    To list your stud, for FREE, please go to the SERVICES page and complete the Registration Form.

    For further information on Services offered to registered Breeders - Send e.mail to  subject "breeder services".





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