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If you are looking for a puppy, you have come to the right place.  Pack Leaders offers - a choice of breeders for your new puppy, saving you time, providing security and reassurance. Pack Leaders prides itself in dealing with registered breeders who may be able to offer you the puppy you are looking for.

All of the breeders registered in our National Registry are registered with recognized Dog Associations and Clubs, most of which have their dogs registered through the Kennel Club of Southern Africa - KUSA, which has local and international representation and affiliation. These breeders offer pedigree dogs and puppies to discerning buyers.

The breeders are bound by  by their respective club or association Codes of Ethics, which govern the breeding protocols, giving you the assurance that you are not dealing with a "back-yard breeder". Whilst not all of the breeders operate large kennels, they are all expected to follow the breed specific guidelines and processes of the respective associations and clubs.


Go to the SERVICES page and complete the registration FORM. Once we have received your request, we will forward to you the details of breeders that you can contact for your puppy.


Pack Leaders offers a Lifestyle assessment to ensure that your family dynamics and lifestyle suits your breed preferences. Should you not be sure which breed suits your lifestyle then this assessment will guide you to a short list for your consideration. Some of the lifestyle considerations would include :

Dog handling experience -  family size , composition and ages - family health and fitness - allergies - family outings and exercise - type of property - size of property - available time to develop a pup - cost of feeding - cost of medical pet care - time, willingness and ability to offer instinctual breed specific attention (grooming, exercise etc..) - breed characteristics

Once the  assessment has been completed and an option list decided on, we will go about introducing you to breeders of those specific breeds.

For more information on a lifestyle assessment to assist with your puppy search - send a mail to subject "lifestyle assessment" and we will respond accordingly.

Take a look at the puppy services offered to buyers whilst you are on the SERVICES page. Know where to go, what to ask and what to look for....

We are here to guide you through this process.

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