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Pack Leaders not only provides generic puppy and dog training programmes and E.Book educational materials but also offers specifically developed strategies to address cases that require special attention in the developmental or rehabilitation processes. If your dogs have unique tendencies, fear not, we will find a way to deal with it. It is important to note that services offered to dog owners, for their dogs and puppies, will  require the daily attention of the owner, ensuring that ongoing exercises and discipline needed to develop or rehabilitate the desired or unwanted behaviours are accomplished. It is also vital to understand that a dog's behaviour can change in a heart beat depending on the behaviour of the "pack leader" - handler in charge at the time. So it is important for all pack leaders (family members) to understand the basics and follow through to achieve and maintain the desired results. Dog training encompasses instinctual communication, pack leadership and obedience work



         Puppy & Dog Training/Rehabilitation Services

  • Pre-purchase of pup or dog - Family Lifestyle assessment
  • Assistance with breed suitability
  • Introductions to registered breeders
  • Puppy proofing the home before the arrival of the pup
  • Selecting the correct pup in the litter or dog for your family
  • Establishing rules & boundaries for the family and pets
  • Information on general dog behaviour that all owners must know
  • Puppy training, socializing and behaviour development
  • Preparing pups for vet and grooming parlour visits
  • Safeguarding babies and children
  • Social integration of your pack - dogs & family members
  • Understanding Instinctual Communication
  • Understanding the principles of Pack Leadership
  • Understanding the family role in Pack Leadership
  • Understanding and early Identification - unwanted behaviours
  • Preventing unwanted & dangerous behaviour
  • Understanding physical & psychological needs
  • Correcting canine behaviour
  • Dealing with dominant behaviour
  • Dealing with aggressive behaviour
  • Dealing with Insecure behaviour
  • Dealing with neurotic behaviour
  • Dealing with hyperactivity
  • Dealing with compulsive behaviour
  • General obedience training
  • Relocation tactics to maintain stability
  • Puppy behavioural associations - clicker - 8 weeks upwards
  • Puppy obedience - 4 months to 9 months
  • Mini-seminars - dog training-puppy training-dog obedience etc.. 
  • Clinics - behavioural assessments-lifestyle assessments-breed suitability advice-puppy selection-puppy orientation-nutritional care

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Pack leaders offers the following services to breeders

  • Puppy temperament testing
  • Pre-sale puppy socialisation development skills - 4 weeks old plus
  • Buyer interviewing processes & screening techniques
  • Puppy buyers referral network
  • Breeders listings - registered breeders only


       Breeder registration

Breeders registered with a recognized association (KUSA, SABT, EBBASA, BI etc..) are able to register their Kennel (stud) with Pack Leaders. Registration is FREE and offers the following benefits :  

  • Introductions to puppy buyers
  • May offer the Pack Leaders - 24 Hour Emergency telephonic support service, to puppy buyers
  • Future litter announcement notifications     

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Pack Leaders offers referred services to the following professionals' clients and patients as well as organisations. Professionals and Associations who see the need for canine and/or handler behaviour education or modification can refer their patients, clients and members to Pack Leaders.

  • Veterinarians - Pre-rehabilitation medical investigations; Bite prevention strategies for owners & families; Responsible dog selection; Instinctual & breed specific requirements
  • Gynaecologists - Pre-home coming environmental safeguards
  • Pediatrcians - dog orientation, developing boundaries & bite prevention strategies
  • Educators - Pre-school and junior school dog orientation
  • Legal services - Consulting on post-event canine options; Referred personal liability claims; Victim fear resolution 
  • Canine Nutritionists - Brand recommendation & supplier network
  • General - consultative services to professionals' clients


Pack Leaders works in conjunction with the following associations and organisations

  • Regional and National animal protection units
  • Shelters
  • Rescue Groups
  • Breed Associations
    NEW !!!          

      Pack Walk - Pack Run - Pack Ride Groups

Contact us to find out where you could either walk or run your dogs with like minded owners where you and your dog/s will be able to socialize, exercise and remain safe, all at the same time. A NEW CONCEPT IN SA

Send us a mail and we will let you know where groups meet. There is no charge, just fun. Generally the groups will either meet in the mornings or late afternoons and you can join in whenever you like, whether it be for 15 minutes, half an hour or an's up to you. To start a group or to find out about a group in your area - give us a shout !!

Mail us on -

Latest NEW Groups

Johannesburg East

Solheim Walk Group

East Rand

Rynfield Walk Group ; Westdene Walk Group
Bunny Park Walk Group


  • Conducted in major centres in South Africa
  • Home & Office consultations available by appointment - dog/s must be present.
  • Environmental, behavioural assessments and hands on skills sharing conducted during consultation
  • Post consultation - problem solving report - step by step solutions
  • Rehabilitation or training intervention if necessary 
  • E.Mail support services available where visits are not possible
  • E.Books - education is available
  • Rates & topics available upon request
  • To book a consultation or send a request, complete the form on the Contact US page


       Pack Leaders - Johannesburg, East Rand, West Rand, Pretoria,

                               Durban, Cape Town.

        Cell: 072 763 3887

          Puppy search registration

Pack Leaders offers potential puppy buyers the following services :

  • Introductions to registered breeders        ( Free service)
  • Breeder and puppy selection guidelines (Free service)
  • Nutritional advice                                          (Free service)
  • Family lifestyle assessment and breed suitability recommendations *
  • Pre-selection puppy temperament test guidelines - E Book education **
  • Puppy housebreaking & socializing services *
  • Establishing Pack Leadership in your home *
  • Correction of unwanted puppy behaviour *
  • * combined services are chargeable as a consultation
  • ** Separate chargeable service - e.mail education (attachments)

Should you be looking for advice on what breed you should select based on your lifestyle, health, environment and affordability or assistance with which breeders to contact or when you should select your pup or even which puppy to select or any other puppy question related to acquiring a new pup, ask Pack Leaders.

Please complete the form below is FREE and we will contact you with the information that you will need to make an informed decision. For ALL puppy related services offered by Pack Leaders -

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Puppies for sale, should have their temperaments tested before being offered to a selected new puppy owner. Ask the breeder which pup suits your lifestyle best. Alternatively, Pack Leaders has guidelines to assist you with the tests, should you want to conduct them yourself. Remember temperament should be the first priority, then general health and finally conformation (the look).

Pack Leaders - Sandton, Johannesburg, East Rand, West Rand, Pretoria, Durban,  Cape Town

Cell: 072 763 3887

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