Pack Leaders takes pride in going beyond when taking care of our clients' pets needs. Besides offering various training, rehabilitation and instinctual behaviour consultations, Pack Leaders also offers, for your convenience, educational information in various formats

                                                                                     Seminars   -   Clinics   -   E.Book education   
on the following subjects

 puppy socialisation  -  excited dogs  -  insecure dogs  -  dominant dogs  -  aggressive dogs  -  pack leadership  -  feeding rituals   -  the walk

    choosing a breeder  -  what to ask & expect from a breeder  -  how to choose the correct puppy  -  how to check a pup's temperament

                     puppy proofing your home  -  collecting your puppy and the correct home introduction methods

 To request any of the educational services,send your request to info.packleaders@gmail.com for further information and rates.


Social Exercise

Pack Leaders, having created a suitable platform for dog lovers to educate themselves and to develop acceptable dog behaviours, was ready to take our service offerings to the next level and launched the first suburban PACK EXERCISING CONCEPT in South Africa.

This is aimed at like-minded dog owners who are looking to exercise their dogs in healthy, secure and socially beneficial environments. These owners reside in the suburbs, Town Houses, Cluster complexes and Apartments and could benefit from participating in informal groups located in and around their city.You can participate whenever you can and for as long as time allows. The group decides where and when to meet, and you simply arrive, and spend as much time as you can afford to keep our canine friends exercised and balanced. It does not matter what time you arrive, as long as you know that some of the group will probably be there. There are 3 types of groups available for you to participate in :

                                                                    WALK      -       RUN       -         RIDE  

The choice is yours, no fees, no membership enrolement, just a group of like minded people and their dogs who live in close proximity  ........just send a mail to info.packleaders@gmail and include your city, suburb and the type of group you would like to meet up with and we will send you some particulars. As this is a new concept, there may not be a group close to you yet, so why not send us your details anyway and maybe you could kick-start a group in your area

NEW PUPPY OWNERS can walk their pups after 12 weeks of age once a pup has had its Rabies inoculation. So mention whether you would like to hook up with older dogs or pups.

To enquire about the various exercise groups GO TO THE SERVICES PAGE for further information or send your request to info.packleaders@gmail.com


Future NEW Service Considerations ..... TELL US IF IT IS A GOOD IDEA OR NOT

Pet walkers for owners living in apartments, townhouses and cluster homes....If YOU do not have the time, energy or ability to walk your own dog/s and think that this service could be of value to you, then let us know on info.packleaders@gmail  subject " pet walker service ". Should we have a good response to this potential service offering, we will get back to you with the details.

This service also offers a contract opportunity for people looking to earn an income. Similar to the restaurant businesses, this could assist school leavers and students at college or university with an opportunity to earn some extra money for their studies, vehicle or social life. If you know of anyone who might be interested, let us know . Send a mail to info.packleaders@gmail.com  subject " pet walker "


                                                                                             THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING



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