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WHAT - we do            

Pack Leaders in Johannesburg, headed up by Dog Whisperer and Dog Trainer, Rob Hendry, operates out of the Gauteng province and offers dog and puppy training services, rehabilitation services, behaviour consultations, mini-seminars, clinics, E.Book education, pack walk - ride  - run groups, breeder registration, puppy temperament testing, lifestyle assessments, puppy search services, home-proofing consultations, environmental integration assessments and services to professionals with a vested interest in canines, in most major cities throughout South Africa.

WHY - we do it

Pack Leaders objective is to set South African dogs and puppies free from frustration and unwanted behaviour by ensuring that their owners and owners to-be are empowered by understanding Instinctual Communication which, if practised and executed correctly, results in true pack leadership (rewarding dog ownership), a balanced pack and a happy and safe family or office environment. Whether an owner owns one or ten dogs, instinctual communication is essential. Dogs love our methods.

WHO - does it

Rob Hendry - From a young age, Rob wanted to pursue a career in veterinary science but destiny had another plan - Having studied  for his BSc at Wits University, Rob was unfortunately unable to enter the Veterinary faculty so he selected a career in the corporate world, in the field of  corporate sales strategy and management development, specialising in communication, motivation, training and leadership. As a platform speaker, Rob engaged his audiences with techniques and humour that stirred them up to challenge the "unchartered waters" of their business lives with exceptional results. His creative thinking blended with passion and a desire to challenge the norm, resulted in many commercial successes. Rob held senior positions in the telecommunications, medical, leisure, financial services and chemical industries which afforded him the opportunity to observe the typical human behaviours that manifest themselves under testing circumstances. It is the emotions associated with these pressures that pets have to contend with on their owners' arrival at home daily. Rob's understanding of these human emotional drivers and how they influence canine behaviour, is what sets him apart in the quest to successfully merge humans with "man's best friend".

All the while, Rob's keen interest in canines was developed and nurtured under the mentorship of the late and highly regarded, Mr. Des Kloeck - International judge (all breeds) - International breeder and dog  trainer. One such dog was the world renown canine hero - Jock  - from the original movie "Jock of the Bushveld.".

Rob has been involved in breeding working class dogs namely Dobermanns and Boerboels and behaviour development for 24 years collectively. He was also a board member of various dog associations, and held the position as Vice-Chairman negotiating breed origin and international recognition rights with KUSA - Kennel Union of Southern Africa, represented by the President - Greg Eva. He has had 24 years experience in canine behaviour and training.  

" has always been evident to me that the true understanding of communication and how it should be implemented, is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful.......and it is no different in the dog world, except for the fact that it is far more difficult because humans generally do not understand instinctual communication and while this remains a reality, dogs remain frustrated !! " ...Rob Hendry

To save the dog we need to help the human. Many dog owners have applied these principles and skills to their personal and business lives with fascinating  results. Dogs have got great instincts but for the rest of us there is Pack Leaders.

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