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We have included some images of canines at their best and at their worst, the intention being to evoke thought about your dogs, puppies or pack, including your family members. It cannot be stressed enough that within the South African context, dogs are experiencing increased levels of frustration resulting from the need for increased security of our properties and limited social interaction. The result of the security demand, is that the average number of dogs per household has doubled in the last 7 years. Residential and commercial properties have been reinforced with security technology, electrical fencing, higher perimeter walls leading to a more inwardly focused existence. This has resulted in more environmental anti-social behaviour on our roads and in our parks, evident with the absence or reduction of families walking their pets or cycling or running - Confinement is restricting and frustrating leading to greater relationship tension in our families and packs.

The result of this is the escalation of  incidents involving dominance, aggression and attacks. Increased traffic congestion on our roads has resulted in people leaving for work earlier and returning home later, affording less time for family and pet interaction. We may not be able to control external influences but we can manage our communication and interaction processes. Dogs can follow their instincts but for the rest of us there is Pack Leaders.

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Pack Language

Understanding instinctual communication where 90% is non-verbal is challenging for humans.  Unlike conventional dog training, knowing the signs and dealing with them quickly solves most problems.



Without rules, boundaries, limitations, follow through, rewards & consequences, you will not achieve  respect from your dogs - Pack Leadership.


Family responsibilities

All humans in the family must be pack leaders with shared responsibilities to avoid unwanted behaviour from the dog pack members. Puppy training and general obedience training results are greatly improved and achieved quicker, with a sound understanding of pack leadership.


If you take care of their daily activities & breed requirements, food, water & affection, they will trust you to the end.

For you, your dog fetching the newspaper represents convenience but for him it represents relaxation. By building trust you will free yourself from many dog problems and unwanted dog behaviour without having to pour a lot of money into dog obedience training.This is true for most dogs and puppies.

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